Starting from Belief

For me, belief came easy. I am what some call a cradle Christian. When I was very young, I believed on authority; my parents told me about God and took me to church. Christianity was a fact just as sunrise and chores were facts. The Church, mainly in the form of Sunday school, taught me about God and His Son Jesus and began to teach me about man’s relationship with God. Using the Bible, the Church told me about a Creator and His creation. Initially, this was in the form of a broad outline. The Bible and the Church in its many forms – and most everything else in my life – has been involved in filling in the details of that outline ever since. My instructed belief – nurtured by my parents and friends, by my Sunday school teachers, preachers, good teachers, and good authors – became faith and that faith rested on the authority of my teachers.

As I grew up, I questioned and sometimes doubted that faith. Some of my later teachers seemed to encourage that doubt. My doubt caused me to examine my faith – to examine what I believed – and to think about what I saw. Fortunately for me, doubt never caused me to abandon my faith. Rather, it caused me to look more intently and to study more deeply. As I went looking for holes in Christianity, I found some. And other doubters and non-believers where quick to try to point out more holes. Nevertheless, I found many more places where Christianity made other things make sense. Over time, some of those holes began to be filled in. The doubt that originally seemed to weaken faith turned out to be a component in strengthening my faith. Sometimes I still doubt but on the whole, Christianity seems to me to be a lot more plausible than any other system of believe or even non-believe that I’ve encountered.

So I was and am one of the lucky ones. I was born into faith and so did not have to come to God with no faith background. And even though doubt has crept in, I was blessed to have never lost my faith so I didn’t have to come back to something I had once rejected.

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