A chalice is a wine serving vessel but not really a wine glass.
In practice, it is usually made of metal but may be made of wood or fired clay.
The chalice as the communal cup of the last supper is firmly associated with wine in the eucharistic feast.
That chalice is “the cup of salvation” in which the wine become “the blood of Christ” is served.
The patten holding “Body of Christ, the Bread of Heaven” is typically handled by the Priest
The Chalice is most often administered by a lay person serving as a lay eucharistic minister.
I am a chalice bearer – which is to say that I serve as a lay eucharistic minister (and lay reader) at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Houston Texas.

I am a wine buyer (Spec’s Wines, Spirits, and Finer Foods), wine writer (BearOnWine.com and SpecsFineWine.com), and wine educator (The Wine School at l’Alliance Française).
I am a father and a husband and a brother and a son.
Perhaps it could go without saying (but here it is) that I am a Christian – a creedal, traditional, orthodox Christian.

Being a chalice bearer connects my life in the world with my life in Christ.
That connection helps to keep me whole.

– Charles M. Bear Dalton

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